Trolling for Tech Talent in a Tight Market

Pinstripe Executive Vice President, Angela Hills, shares insights into attracting and retaining highly-skilled technical talent in today’s extremely competitive economy. In describing “tech talent” as a whole, Hills notes that they are “consistently inconsistent,” which offers immense challenges in attracting and retaining the best people.

Excerpts from the article: 

In looking for the ideal personality type, there is only one thing a recruiter can count on as a predictor of success and longevity, and that is passion; a passion for technology and specifically their area of expertise. If they aren’t curious about the next product release and they don’t get excited about how it relates to what they are doing, they may not be the best fit.

The evolution of the tech market
A growing trend is that of people leaving their current roles at big companies for small and start-up companies where they can try their hand at entrepreneurialism or play a larger role in shaping an organization’s direction. The market demand for social media, mobile technology, and e-commerce start-ups is providing abundant opportunities to jump ship.

Tapping talent in a tight market
As creatively inspired as some of these approaches are, the only lasting defense in such a fiercely competitive market is to achieve employer loyalty by emphasizing cultural fit and communicating employment brand during the talent acquisition process thereby ensuring hires that are a great fit and love where they work.

As the demand continues to increase, the available pool of talent will diminish. Together with the evolving demands on tech talent being driven by the consumer marketplace, this environment necessitates a far more sophisticated recruiting approach to find, attract, and retain the increasingly elusive talent necessary for a tech firm to compete during this period of seemingly limitless growth.


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