Cielo's Andy Curlewis Featured in "Diversity Works..." Project

Andy Curlewis, Cielo’s SVP of Brand, Digital & Communications, is among those featured in “Diversity Works…” – a collection of 101 portraits of prominent business and thought leaders from a broad range of sectors in the UK.

Conceived and developed by artist Shahid Bashir and curated by Dowshan Humzah, “Diversity Works…” seeks to understand how diversity is perceived and experienced. It also challenges some misconceptions that many still have about diversity, expounding on the need to create cultures and behaviors in the workplace that are inclusive and embrace difference.

The portraits are not the typical professional corporate images but instead are taken using a stark black-and-white, deadpan style, which is meant to convey that diversity is not merely black and white, but more about the gray areas in between.

“I think it is critical to be innovative and creative in a corporate context, to increase engagement, dialogue and understanding of how equality, diversity and inclusion are the cornerstone to establishing integrity in business,” Bashir said. “My overarching goal is to move this agenda out of the backroom into the boardroom and to place it at the heart of the corporate planning process.”

Each photograph in the online gallery is accompanied by the subject’s completion of three statements: “Diversity is …”, “Diversity Isn’t …”, and “Diversity Works …” The statements from such varying perspectives reflect the true nature and spirit – and value – of diversity.

You can see Andy’s responses, as well as those of all the others who participated in “Diversity Works …”, at