Chief Learning Officer: Forget Millennials: Are You Ready for Generation Z?

Angela Hills, Cielo’s Executive Vice President, Managing Director - North America, was extensively quoted in a piece penned by Chicago journalist Sarah Fister Gale for Chief Learning Officer. The article, “Forget Millennials: Are you ready for Generation Z?” addresses the recruitment and development approaches businesses will need to implement to effectively integrate the up and coming generation.

Excerpts from the Article:

“They are entering a workforce that is sorely in need of their services and technical expertise. With hiring on the rise, and baby boomers retiring en masse, [Generation Z] will be in hot demand for many years to come. ‘That will shape their view of their careers for the rest of their lives,’ said Angela Hills, the Chicago-based executive vice president and managing director of Cielo, a global recruitment process outsourcer. ‘They have a lot of options and little need to worry about landing a job.’”

“They also need mobile-enabled career pages, and an active social media presence to engage with Gen Z talent communities. ‘They expect to hear about job openings via text, not email, and they want to apply for those jobs using their iPhones,’ Hills said.”

“At global recruitment process outsourcing company Cielo, for example, employees are encouraged to create videos explaining corporate policies for things such as dress code and personal devices. ‘The videos are fun and more informative than handing employees a written policy,’ Hills said. ‘The interns especially like it.’”

“Companies may also need to rethink their management training programs to ensure Generation X, who likely will be in charge of this generation, know how to meet their development and mentoring needs. ‘Gen Z could be a good fit for Gen X, who are notorious for preferring to figure things out on their own,’ Hills said.”

Angela’s insights on the next generation of the workforce are well worth a read for business leaders and HR professionals who are developing their talent management strategies. Read the full article, “Forget Millennials: Are you ready for Generation Z?” in the July 2015 issue of Chief Learning Officer.