Changeboard: What is the Future of Talent Acquisition?

Cielo recently hosted its 2017 European Talent Rising Summit at the Dutch Church in London, and Changeboard has published a rundown of the event.

Over 150 talent acquisition and HR leaders gathered to hear a broad range of speakers – including Dawn Hollingworth, Cielo’s Director of Brand Strategy & Creative Services – to discuss the future of talent acquisition. They highlighted wider and more specific trends affecting the market, discussing such topics as the effects of technological and societal trends on our working lives and recruitment, how organizations can “future-proof” their business, how an aging workforce will change the workplace, and change management.

Excerpt from the article:

Looking beyond macro trends, speakers explored topics including compliance, change management, the increasing use of technology in recruitment processes and talent attraction.

Dawn Hollingworth, Cielo’s strategy director, outlined how recruitment functions can make their businesses a draw for top talent. She argued that to be a magnet for candidates, you must focus on your ‘reach, reputation and experience’ – extolling the virtues of allowing your current workforce to help you promote your business with their own positive feedback.

Presenting a case study on how to ‘Embrace Change’, Michelle Adams, director of talent and development at O2, laid out her framework for how to lead employees through times of uncertainty. Drawing on her experience during a failed takeover of the business, Adams put forward a people-first approach for dealing with organisational fluctuations. By taking a pro-active approach, Adams said she found that, “People are more open to change than we may think.”

You can read the full article, “What is the Future of Talent Acquisition?” here.