Brandon Hall Group: Pinstripe Ochre House Connects the Dots with High-Touch Talent Acquisition Process

Global research and analyst firm, Brandon Hall Group, recently visited Pinstripe & Ochre House to evaluate the organization’s “unique approach to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).” Specifically, Talent Acquisition Analyst, Kyle Lagunas, sought to connect the dots between today’s hiring challenges and the rise in strategic talent partnerships.

In Kyle’s recap of the visit, Pinstripe & Ochre House Connects the Dots with High-Touch Talent Acquisition Process, he voices his belief that RPO solutions rarely “sit at the forefront of innovation”—but in the case of Pinstripe & Ochre House, there is evident exception.

Excerpts from the article:

“I flew to Milwaukee earlier this week to visit the folks at Pinstripe & Ochre House and learn more about their unique approach to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) … I say unique because, though RPO solution providers can be powerful allies in talent strategy, they rarely sit at the forefront of innovation in talent acquisition processes.

Thirty minutes into my meeting with Pinstripe & Ochre House, it was evident that they were an exception. While many hiring organizations today are still taking a highly transactional approach to recruiting, it was encouraging to see them building a narrative of holistic talent acquisition – wherein candidate experience was as important as client experience and business results.

I spent the morning on a guided tour of the office, meeting recruiters, team leads, and directors alike – each with something to show me, each connecting one more dot to create a compelling picture of Pinstripe & Ochre House’s innovative approach to RPO. And I don’t use the word “innovative” lightly. A few quick facts that jumped out at me: 

  • Pinstripe started using video interviewing technology in 2009, long before it began its recent rise in popularity.
  • Their HQ houses their Impressions Center – a team dedicated to high-touch candidate experience for clients, fielding candidate questions big and small, with a 96% first-call resolution rate.
  • Their Talent Relationship Management (TRM) platform features top-notch technology, and supports many of the exceptional sourcing and hiring capabilities that Pinstripe & Ochre House recruiters are trained in.
  • Their dedication to innovation and excellence manifests in bi-weekly training courses available to all employees.


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