BizTimes Media: Competition for Talent Gets Tougher

Pinstripe & Ochre House CEO, Sue Marks, was featured recently in an article published by award-winning business publication, BizTimes Milwaukee magazine. The editorial, Competition for Talent Gets Tougher, explores the anticipated job growth in 2014, and why organizations should be “bullish about hiring in the coming year.”

Specifically, Sue expects the growth in job opportunities to create more demand and, in turn, greater competition for quality talent. In response, business leaders “have to be smarter and more competitive as they look to recruit and hire the best people.”

Excerpts from the article:

To recruit and retain top talent, one best practice for companies follows the mindset that employees are an asset to be maximized "Great organizations see talent as really the only sustainable competitive advantage, because all competitive advantage comes from the efforts of our people and the engagement of the minds of our people," Marks said.

Committing to culture is one of Marks' "Sue-isms," or key points of advice for companies to keep in mind as they work to recruit and retain top talent in the coming year "[Culture] matters," Marks said. "It's the software of our business. It's where competence, commitment and contribution meet opportunity."

And companies should "fire faster."

"The idea here is that after we let someone go, we never say, 'I let that person go too soon,'" Marks said. "We always say we should have done it sooner and our employees know it, and it reflects poorly on our leadership. As one of my CEO buddies said, 'The longest time in your life is the time between losing confidence in one of your team [members] and the time you fire them.'"

Her "Sue-isms" round out with suggestions to "fail forward," "brand bigger," and "be bold."

"Get out of your comfort zone," Marks said. "Take risks. Never punish someone for making a mistake. Ask forgiveness instead of permission."


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