Becker’s Hospital Review: Management Case Study – How to Avoid Self-Destructive Employee Recruitment

Pinstripe Healthcare’s strategic partnership with Princeton HealthCare System was profiled for an article on the Becker’s Hospital Review website entitled Management Case Study: How to Avoid Self-Destructive Employee Recruitment.

Excerpts from the article:

About four years ago, the employee recruitment process was a source of dissatisfaction among many managers at Princeton (N.J.) Healthcare System. Leadership within the system's human resources department felt recruitment was inconsistent and lacked high-caliber candidates. As a result, morale suffered and time-to-fill for positions increased.

The system decided to address these issues and revamp its recruitment process through a partnership with Pinstripe Healthcare, a recruitment process outsourcing firm that prides itself on a "we become you" approach to relationships with clients. The firm acts as an extension of organizations' HR departments in something called full partnership recruiting.

Within four months of the partnership, Princeton and Pinstripe had filled 347 positions throughout the system. Satisfaction rates also rocketed — those 60 percent satisfaction rates among managing directors rocketed to 95 percent, according to Ms. Telthorster's most recent numbers.

Now, Pinstripe team members visit or check-in with the Princeton HR team on a monthly basis. "They phone in, if they're not physically here, for regular HR staff meetings," says Ms. Telthorster. "They keep me informed and I can tell them our opportunities and challenges. I'd say in the nearly two years I've been here, that we've really elevated this partnership arrangement to a true partnership."

Ms. Telthorster says the costs of recruiting are something to keep in perspective. The technological infrastructure Pinstripe has brought to the partnership is not something Princeton could have managed or afforded on its own, and the value that adds to a hospital or health system's recruitment efforts is worth the cost of the partnership. She said she can't imagine Princeton going back to self-recruitment.


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