Advance Healthcare Network: Solid Succession Planning

Advance Healthcare Network recently interviewed Cielo Healthcare’s President, Jill Schwieters, about her thoughts on succession planning in today’s changeable healthcare landscape. She stressed that it is imperative for hospitals and health systems to have a plan for when key leaders leave the organization, as well as to look toward the future and try to anticipate future healthcare needs and trends.

Excerpts from the article:

According to Jill Schwieters, president of Cielo Healthcare, succession plans need to be established by a health system's executive leadership team based on organizational needs. "The leaders then need to own it, and the human resources department can facilitate the process and approach," she explained. Cielo Healthcare, formerly Pinstripe Healthcare, provides talent acquisition and management solutions for the healthcare industry.

Planning for Turnover
Succession planning is more important than ever because the healthcare workforce is aging and tends to be older than other professions, Schwieters said. "We're going to see leaders, executives and clinical staff exiting the workforce so we need to think about and plan for it," she said.

When an organization is considering leadership succession, its leaders need to determine what skills the position relies on most and how healthcare will continue to evolve as telecare services and other delivery approaches become more mainstream, Schwieters said. "The delivery model is absolutely changing and will be different in the next three to five years."

Hiring in Advance
It will be critical to have the right skillsets to support changes in the healthcare delivery system. "Looking ahead is a great way to invest in and develop the skills of your people so they will be there when you need them," Schwieters said.


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