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Global capabilities, local expertise

Our footprint allows us to provide truly region-specific solutions to fuel your company’s competitive advantage all over the world. We know the nuances of your region, from the languages candidates speak to which social media networks they prefer to the important legislation that affects recruitment. We’ll use this expertise to deliver the talent you need, where and when you need it.

Asia Pacific

With teams in Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore and Australia, Cielo offers the strength, scale, experience and expertise to help your organization achieve its talent acquisition objectives in the vast and complex Asia Pacific region.


The competition for top talent in Europe is tougher than ever, and Cielo’s hiring experts will partner with you to design and execute proven solutions. With offices in Budapest, London and Manchester, we’re able to access the vital industries and deep talent pools needed to serve the entire continent.

Latin America

As the need for RPO grows in Latin America, Cielo is there. From our headquarters in Buenos Aires, we support recruiters and companies throughout Latin America, in Spanish, Portuguese or English. We know the ins and outs of the markets to help your organization find, engage and hire the best talent.

Middle East & Africa

As RPO becomes more prominent throughout the Middle East and Africa, you’ll want a provider who has experience in the region and is fluent in its hiring nuances and local languages. You’ll want Cielo, as our people specialize in recruiting within and across borders all over MEA.

North America

Partner with us to get more than your fair share of talent in North America and around the world. Whatever challenges you are facing – skills shortages, poor employer brand, remote locations – Cielo has proven experience and success designing and executing solutions.