Precision targeting of talent and sensitive stakeholder engagement hold the keys.

All recruitment is competitive, but there are certain scenarios that amplify the challenge for talent acquisition. These can include the need for speed or accelerated hiring, low brand awareness and visibility in the marketplace, and the need to recruit specialist talent in remote areas.

By generating relevant data and insights and applying these scientifically to talent attraction, we help employers to build effective talent pools and meet their hiring targets – even against the odds.

How do you recruit an entire workforce for a brand new, high-end production facility in Northern England where the employer brand is not known, and the project is highly visible in the local community and government from a regeneration perspective?

By developing an integrated attraction campaign, based on quantitative data and qualitative interviews with key stakeholders and target talent. Armed with the right knowledge, we created an integrated campaign consisting of a hub microsite, PR and social media marketing. This enabled us to create and amplify awareness in the community that translated into high-quality talent pools and built a sustainable pipeline for future hiring needs.

Increased awareness and reputation. High quality of hire within KPI timeframes.

Brand Consulting, Creative Development, Digital and Campaign Design.

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