On-target messaging and intelligent creative executions will ensure you catch the right eyes.

It is a crowded marketplace full of employers competing for top talent. If you are up against well-known names and you are all targeting a niche segment, how do you ensure you capture the attention of your ideal candidates and inspire them to choose you over the competition?

By understanding what motivates a target audience, we are able to distill the essence of an employer’s offer into compelling messaging. We bring this to life through rich media and engaging content, and zone in on the target audience through smart use of media. The result: we enable our clients to attract the talent they need.

How do you attract a large number of premium sales people, quickly, when your employer brand is barely known?

By creating a vibrant attraction campaign which drove people to a dedicated microsite, we were able to attract sales talent through bold consumer imagery and content. This educated people about the AB InBev career proposition and converted traffic to job applications.

Increased attraction, candidate pool creation and talent pipeline, reduced costs. 30 sales hires were successfully made across France.

Brand Consulting, Creative Development, Digital and Campaign Design.

ABI's mobile-optimized images for Corona