National Healthcare Recruiter Day 2016: A Note of Appreciation

What does National Healthcare Recruiter Day mean to you?

cielo national healthcare recruiter dayDepending on your role within healthcare, it might mean any number of things. Today, healthcare recruiters are needed more than ever to support the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Being of service to the healthcare industry may involve patient wellness, recruitment, retention and engagement of workforce, compensation and benefits – the list could go on in terms of how healthcare recruiters make an impact on a daily basis.

This work can be challenging, but it is so worth it in the end to have placed the right person in the right position with the right organization. And your passion is contagious for new team members.

Being a healthcare recruiter is such a rewarding career. I feel the work I do is a calling. Every day, I get to help some of the most amazing healthcare professionals follow their passions as they land their dream jobs. From the initial introduction call, to scheduling an interview, to making a job offer - every step becomes that much more rewarding as I build relationships with both applicants and new team members. I am so fortunate to recruit for a client I believe in and share their passions in terms of mission, vision and values.

Today we celebrate recruitment professionals across the healthcare industry for continuing to drive talent strategies, process improvement and quality improvement. Your desire to attract top talent in a competitive marketplace grants healthcare organizations the opportunity to provide great care to their communities.

Thank you for making a difference not only across your organization, but across the entire healthcare vertical. You put all of the pieces of the puzzle together to continuously improve this industry!

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This post was contributed by Alison Schueckler, Senior Healthcare Recruiter. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.