Celebrating Social Media Day 2016

Today marks the seventh annual celebration of Social Media Day. As a Recruitment Process Outsourcing company, Cielo takes this day to recognize the many ways social media affects the recruitment process.

The legitimate, and in many cases essential, use-cases of social media are now recognized by many. Consider this example: one way Cielo uses social media is to answer questions brought forward by candidates.

Many simply want to know where they stand in the recruitment process. Social media lets us acknowledge these candidates immediately so they are not left feeling ignored. Our social media team can then reach out to the recruiter for an answer and report back in no time. That level of immediacy and accessibility is hard to duplicate through other channels.

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It's #SMDay! See how Social Media has changed the world for job seekers. 

Job Seekers Use Social Media


For #SMDay, explore how Social Media has changed the way companies recruit.

Social Media for Recruitment Has Grown


44% of job referrals come from social media. Maximize the channel! 

Job Referrals Come From Social Media

Being Anti-Social Makes an Organization Look Like Throwback Thursday

Think about the consequences of an organization that decides not to have an active social media presence. What if no one responds to a candidate’s question on social media? That leaves a negative impression.

The candidate might decide to look elsewhere. Or, they might spread word that the organization is not responsive. You cannot prevent those outcomes by wishing them away, or by not participating in social altogether. The only way to win is to play the game. And there is a lot of winning to be had by having an active presence on social media!

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This post was contributed by Rebecca Willard, Social Media Specialist.