Celebrating Healthcare Quality Week 2016

Celebrating Healthcare Quality Week. Because quality talent means quality care.Cielo is celebrating Healthcare Quality Week by highlighting the work our recruiters do every day to find quality talent for our healthcare clients.

We are firm believers that better talent results in better care for patients. That is why our recruiters go to great lengths to find hard-working individuals who are dedicated to their profession – and who bring their compassion and human touch to work.

Here are just a few of the ways Cielo’s recruiters bring clients the best talent, so they can achieve better compliance, build better solutions and deliver better outcomes for all of us who receive their care.

“It starts with their application. We look to see if they are loyal to their organizations, because when they demonstrate loyalty to their jobs, they are more likely to demonstrate it to their patients and their teammates.”

“Hearing stories about those times they have taken extra steps. Something as simple as wheeling a patient out to the car or going out of their way to make a patient happy. Little things like that help you pinpoint the people who are passionate about what they do.”

“There will always be minimum qualifications and requirements for jobs. Finding quality talent in healthcare means seeking out people who meet these requirements but who also have a deep understanding of what it means to provide the best patient care possible. Those are the folks who are going to contribute to the quality and success of any healthcare system – the ones who want to make a positive impact in the lives of their peers and their patients.”

As Healthcare HR Leaders, we are charged with the important task of inspiring our recruiters to hire the best practitioners to provide quality care to our communities.

Download this webinar to learn the key healthcare HR metrics you need to measure to drive quality hires and quality care: “Critical Hiring Metrics for Healthcare Quality.”