The Biggest Workplace Trends for 2016

More than 1 in 4 Millennials will become managers in 2016.

The Brighton School of Business and Management recently created an infographic that highlights some of the biggest workplace trends for 2016. Segmented by Employee Trends, Technology & Office Layout and Work/Life Balance, the compilation hints at a gap between organizational trends and the desires of a new generation of workers.

Here is our summary of the findings, followed by the Brighton School’s infographic. Keep this information in mind as you strive to gain a competitive talent advantage in 2016 and beyond.

Employee Trends

  • 3.6 million “Baby Boomers” will retire in 2016, while the first college graduates of Generation Z enter the workforce.
  • More than one in four Millennials will become managers in 2016, and one in three want to become managers in the next five years.
  • As employee tenure shortens, former employees will be more welcome to return to organizations they once left.

Technology & Office Layout Trends

  • "Wearables” will become more prominent in the workforce as their business value (retrieving information and driving employee productivity) becomes clearer.
  • Office space is smaller than ever, but employees desire a distraction-free work environment.
  • Automation will reduce the number of existing jobs by up to half within the next two decades.

Work/Life Balance Trends

  • Two out of three managers expect their employees to be reachable outside the office, but employees are burnt out.
  • Flexibility programs may determine whether an employee switches jobs or remains with their current employer.
  • Professionals are choosing freelance jobs to gain more flexibility and control over their lives.

What workplace trends do you see occurring in 2016?


The Biggest Workplace Trends for 2016