#SMDay 2014: 5 Social Media Essentials


Happy #SMDay! Back in 2010, Mashable launched Social Media Day as a way to recognize the ever-growing and changing digital revolution. Every year since, June 30th has become a time where thousands of people around the world meet up online to celebrate the amazing community that is social media.

As recruiters, social media has opened countless doors of opportunity and forever changed the way we work. From connecting with candidates, providing transparency into company culture and gaining real-time access to thought leaders to building a personal brand (I could go on and on), social media has made our jobs that much more about engagement and true human connection, even in a digital age.

In honor of today, here is a quick and very brief list (how can you pick just a few!) of my top tips for effectively leveraging social media. Feel free to share your favorite tips in the comments. Enjoy and happy tweeting!

  • Build Relationships. If you ask me, social media is about sharing and connecting. As the concept has become more and more popular, some people and businesses have lost sight of this—and these social channels have taken a turn towards the overly promotional. This Social Media Day, let’s bring it back to being about human connection and re-focus on the power of building virtual relationships.

  • Be efficient. There is always chatter about “the next Twitter” or that new, super cool app that lets you share photos of your dog to the world. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Focus on the channels that make sense for your audience. And even better, sign up for a free tool that helps you manage multiple channels at once. Write once, post to three channels; it’s genius.

  • Less is always more. Let’s not kid ourselves, we aren't Katy Perry (current #1 celebrity on twitter). No one cares about our vegan kale salads. Think about YOUR audience of connections when sharing. Reaching out a few times a day, 2-5 to be exact, with job openings, relevant articles and other timely or insightful updates is a perfect balance that ensures your social friends stay engaged but not annoyed.

  • Timely updates. This goes along with “Less is always more.” Make your posts count! Don’t just send out updates on a whim; do your research. See when your audience is most active (this will vary by channel) and send out updates at those times. Don’t have a fancy social media tool that tells you this info? Search online! There is countless information (and infographics) out there. Or, do your own testing: try the same tweet throughout a week during different times of the day, track your engagement and see what works best.

  • Your profile photo. It is a life goal of mine to put a stop to the endless sea of faceless LinkedIn profiles. Did you know that your LinkedIn profile is seven times more likely to be viewed if you have a photo? People like connecting with real individuals. It’s time to put a face to your name and your awesome resume.

So, there you have it—five quick-win tips to enhance your social media efforts. If you want more, take a gander at Forbes' social media rules to live by.


Post contributed by Annamarie Andrews, Senior Marketing Manager. Connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.