Cindy Pang Wan Chin

Cindy Pang Wan Chin, Talent Attraction Specialist - Singapore

"I know that my team at Cielo is always open-minded and willing to listen and provide support."

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Christoph Ritzke

Christoph Ritzke, Healthcare Account Manager - London

"I believe that people should work at Cielo if they are looking to bring their career in recruitment to the next level."

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Szilvia Lukacs

Szilvia Lukacs, Senior Recruitment Advisor - Budapest

"At Cielo, the people are super friendly, very open-minded and highly creative."

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Serena Foster

Serena Foster, Learning & Development Manager – London

“Cielo has supported me by allowing me to be more confident about the ideas I have and to feel comfortable about sharing those ideas.”

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Gergely Gal

Gergely Gal, Recruitment Advisor – Budapest

“To succeed at Cielo you need to build and grow your network not only in the office locally, but globally, because we’re all in it together.”

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Garnet Voecks

Garnet Voecks, Lead Coordinator – Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

“The culture here is really striving to be better. So while everyone is fun-loving and enthusiastic, they are also hard working and always trying to challenge the norm."

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