NelsonHall: How RPA and AI Are Taking Cielo's TalentCloud to the Next Level

After getting to see firsthand how they work, NelsonHall’s Nikki Edwards recently wrote a detailed, positive review of the Cielo TalentCloud suite of technologies. Cielo TalentCloud, which is in the forefront of Recruitment Process Outsourcing technology, includes SkyRecruit, our CRM platform; SkyAnalytics, where clients can drill down data into key metrics; and SkyLabs, our framework for testing the tools in the marketplace to understand how they could (or would not) help our clients.

Of SkyRecruit, Nikki writes: “Cielo has introduced a process bot for automated sourcing. This is particularly effective where there are high recruitment volumes, such as in retail. The process bot finds a high number of suitable candidates and uploads those details into SkyRecruit – a process now taking one minute compared to 15 minutes by a human. Candidates are automatically sent jobs of interest to them, candidates can engage with a recruiter and move through the hiring process. Whilst talent pools can then be created by the process bot, the real value comes in how the process bot organizes the talent pools and communicates with candidates on an ongoing basis through social media, etc. taking into consideration candidate preferences for working with certain client brands.”

Of SkyAnalytics: “All client data, irrespective of its source, is visible on one platform. But rather than Cielo presenting a plethora of graphs in a single view, bombarding the client with too much information, it has had a re-think. Cielo now only presents the key measures that are important to a client, yet has built more depth into the analytics, so that a client can drill down into those key measures. The data shows where the hiring manager and recruiter need to focus their efforts to enhance hiring performance.”

Of SkyLabs: “Cielo is learning as it innovates and monitors items which impact progress. … Cielo’s employees are at the heart of this automation. The process bot can learn from videos of Cielo’s employees completing talent acquisition tasks, such as uploading a file. Processes that can be replaced by automation free up Cielo’s employees to undertake roles that add more value to its clients.”

You can read the full article, “How RPA & AI Are Taking Cielo’s TalentCloud to the Next Level,” here.