Forbes: Leadership Development For Millennials Not Seen As A Priority

Seb O’Connell, Executive Vice President and Managing Director for Europe and APAC, was quoted in a piece on Forbes titled, “Leadership Development For Millennials Not Seen As A Priority.” Seb explains that attracting and retaining the top talent in this generation is critical to the future of any organization, regardless of industry. Ignoring their development will result in a significant skills gap as baby boomers retire.

Excerpts From the Article:

“Deloitte estimates that Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. However, it appears as if the leadership development of Millennials isn’t seen as a priority for organizations, according to a Brandon Hall Group’s 2015 State of Leadership Development Study.”

“The study found that just 20% of organizations identified the Millennial leader segment as critical for development over the next 24 months. Neither are organizations invested in coaching and mentoring of Millennial leaders.”

“Attracting and retaining the best of this generation is critical to the future of any business, remarked Seb O’Connell, executive vice president and managing director for Europe at Cielo. ‘While the Millennial population in the workforce is increasing rapidly, many baby boomers have already reached, or are fast approaching, retirement age. The flight of baby boomers, and consequent loss of skills and experience built up over many years, could leave a significant skills gap.’”

“O’Connell believes that employers must identify Millennials with high potential and create a strong pipeline of talent that can fill the void left by Generation X employees as they move into senior leadership roles. ‘Once these talented Millennials are on board, organizations need to invest in their training and development to ensure they have the tools to progress rapidly.’”

You can read the full article at Forbes here: “Leadership Development For Millennials Not Seen As A Priority.”